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Looking for sectional, roller and tilt garage door installers? You've come to the right place! Modern garage doors provide both style and functionality to your home. We have an extensive range of classic and contemporary doors to suit all types of modern and traditional houses.

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At River City Doors, we understand the importance of finding the perfect garage door that complements both your preferences and your home's aesthetic. Our meticulous step-by-step process ensures a seamless and personalised experience. 

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Whether you prefer the classic appeal of Roller Doors or the modern sophistication of Sectional Garage Doors or Tilt Doors, our collection caters to your preferences. Choose from single or double door sizes to perfectly fit your garage space.

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With a diverse range of hues available, you are sure to find the perfect colour that seamlessly complements the aesthetic of your home. Explore our Colorbond® options and add a vibrant touch to your garage, enhancing the overall charm of your home.

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Contact our dedicated team at River City Doors to schedule your complimentary measure and quote. Our experienced new garage door installation technicians are committed to providing seamless service, ensuring that your garage door needs are met with precision and efficiency.

Types of garage door styles available from River City Doors

Sectional garage door

sectional garage doors

A sectional door, also known as a sectional overhead door or simply a panel lift garage door, is a type of garage door that is divided into horizontal sections called panels, typically four to six. These panels are hinged together and guided along tracks as the door opens and closes.

The design of a sectional door allows it to operate vertically, moving upwards and then horizontally into the garage space, parallel to the ceiling.

Roller Doors


A roller door, also known as a rolling garage door, is a type of garage door that operates by vertically rolling up and down along tracks. These doors are made up of a single curtain, allowing the door to roll up into a compact coil at the top of the opening.  

Roller doors are a popular choice for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Tilt Doors


A tilt door, also known as a tilt-up garage door or simply a tilt-a-door, is a type of garage door that opens and closes by pivoting on a horizontal axis. Unlike sectional or roller doors, tilt doors operate as a single solid piece and tilt upward into a horizontal position when opening.

This type of garage door is characterised by its simplicity and straightforward design.

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