Expert automatic gate repairs

River City Doors have the knowledge and understanding of a range of automatic gates including sliding & swing. Automatic gates are also equipped with an array of sensors, openers, remotes, and electrics, which are no challenge to our skilled professionals

River City Doors electric gate repairs

Swing and sliding gate repairs

Your automatic gate provides a gateway to your home or business. Our technician is on call and ready to assess, repair and get your gate working again as efficiently as possible. Our team can provide you with knowledge and expertise to put you and your gates needs first. River City Doors understand the importance of keeping your home safe. We offer a range of repairs and replacements for swing and sliding gates, including swing gate motors, sliding gate motors and sensors for your home.

Swing Gate Repairs

Swing gates utilise either telescopic arms or crank arms to automatically open your hinged gate. Swing gates can also be integrated with other components like sensors and keypads.

Sliding Gate Repairs

Sliding gates utilise both tracks and a motor to function and they can be integrated with other components like sensors and keypads. If your sliding gate is not functioning correctly, access to your premises can be difficult and security can become an issue

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Why should you replace or repair your automatic gates motor, intercom or sensor?

Regular maintenance and timely replacement of components ensure the performance of your automatic gate system and assisting to the overall security of your property. If you notice any signs of malfunction or aging in your gate system components, our team of technicians will be able to provide you with tailored solution for your automatic gate.

  • Malfunction or failure
    The electrical components of your gate may wear out over time. This can cause your gate to not function as expected. This can be due to wear and tear, weather or continuous use.

  • Efficiency
    As your automatic gate ages, it may begin to display signs of poor efficiency. These things can include slow or uneven movements, unresponsiveness or not working at all.

  • Security
    Outdated gate motors may cause security concerns for your property. Replacing or upgrading your gate components can enhance the security of your property.

  • Cost effective
    To prevent repetitive issues with your automatic gate, it may be worth investing in a replacement component or servicing. This ensures that your gate is less likely to malfunction again as well as resulting in a long-term cost saving.

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