Sectional Door Motor Replacement

Garage Sectional Door Motors Brisbane

Is your sectional door jerking and pausing when opening or closing? Does the motor seem louder than usual or is it making weird noises? Then it’s time to talk to River City Doors about getting a new garage door motor.

ATA Tempo

Tempo features a fast opening speed, smooth up and down door operation, and a bright LED light for convenience. This supercharged motor has the power to lift single and double garage doors.

ATA Syncro

Syncro takes the convenience of automation a step further. You can monitor, control and schedule access to your garage door anytime, anywhere, with your smart phone. With a fast opening speed, Syncro makes getting in and out of the garage a breeze.

B&D Secure

With all of the essential features and quality accessories you have come to expect from B&D, Controll-A-Door® Secure offers exceptional value. Combine this with a super-fast opening speed and bright LED courtesy light to illuminate your garage, and it’s clear that Controll-A-Door® Secure is the sensible choice to automate your garage door.

B&D Smart

Controll-A-Door® Smart’s intelligent technology and premium features deliver a better experience for you and your family. The inclusion of the B&D Smart Phone Control Kit with Safety Beams provides an additional level of safety for your garage. For complete peace of mind, Controll-A-Door® Smart can be fitted with an optional battery backup ensuring operation during a power outage.